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Hemera Opto-electronics Pte Ltd is a professional products and service provider in the lighting industry. We are committed to providing staff, contractors and clients a healthy and safe environment.

Our WSH policy applies to the premises of the company and clients as well as the activities of the company. Its principal goal is to improve health and safety management and to eliminate injuries and illnesses at our workplaces.

The company strives to fully integrate health and safety into all aspects of its activities by the following:

a) Implementing and maintaining a framework that ensures the systematic management of health and safety throughout all sites and workplaces and compliance with WSH legal and other requirements; and

b) Setting measurable objectives and targets aimed at eliminating and controlling higher risk activities, and increasing awareness of health and safety.

We are committed to continually improve health and safety performance through effective communication and consultation, systematic identification, and feedback from our staff and clients.