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A whole suite of LED luminaires, comprising hundreds of 2-ft and 4-ft light fittings; floodlights; high bay lights; wallpack lights; and downlights have been progressively installed at Golden Village Yishun, the first Asia's movie multiplex, as part of its ongoing efforts to be an eco-friendly multiplex in Asia.

The uniformity and well-illumination of LED lightings provide a sense of security and comfort for the GV Yishun patrons, who now enjoy better dining, shopping and movie experience at the multiplex .




Major light retrofitting was carried out at Bukit Timah Condominium Estate, Singapore, which saw a wide array of LED bulbs and lamps being installed at various parts of the condo, including common corridors, lobbies, swimming pools, car parks etc.,while keeping all the existing light fittings intact.

Our innovative lighting solutions ensure our clients receive the most value-for-money products and services that are fully customised to meet their lighting requirements




The lightings of a 7-storey industrial building at Kaki Bukit, Singapore, were retrofitted with LED by Hemera. After validating the level of illumination through computer simulation, all twin-tube fluorescent lightings were replaced with single-tube, high lumen T8 LED fittings at the driveway and carpark. Such retrofitting leads to more than 50% savings of the electricity for the building.

In addition, the staircases of the building were also retrofitted with 2-ft LED fittings as part of the overall efforts to reduce carbon footprint and to minimise energy consumption.



Over 600 single and twin-tube fluorescent T8 fixtures at the condominium car park at Flora Drive, Singapore, were retrofitted with LED T8 fittings by Hemera. In addition, many of them were paired with emergency power pack to provide lightings in the event of power failure.

Besides an overall improvement in the lighting level, a monthly energy saving of about S$4K is reported by the building management committee following the completion of the light retrofitting.




400W Metal Halide High bay were replaced by 150W LED Compact High Bay at a MNC's warehouse located at Toa Payoh Industrial Park, Singapore. Hemera has helped warehouses and workshops achieved more than 50% energy savings while enhancing the illumination level of their work areas.




Energy-saving 30W LED floodlights were provided by Hemera to replace rows of 100W-150W traditional HID floodlights at the up-class Beauty Spa at Singapore Shopping Centre, Singapore.




Residential lights such as Downlights, Ceiling Lights, as well as T5 and T8 fixtures were installed by Hemera at various HDB/private/landed homes to enhance the lighting level of the units as well as to achieve more than 50% energy saving for the households.

The natural comfort and brightness of the LED are well-received by the clients, many of whom now enjoy better learning and reading experience at home following the light retrofitting.




LED Compact High Bay were installed at factory units at ECO-TECH@SUNVIEW and MANDAI CONNECTION in Singapore. The compactness and high lumen output of this latest generation of high bay lights are popular amongst these light industries which typically have low ceiling height (6 meter). Hemera has helped these factories achieved high energy savings while enhancing the illumination level of their work areas.




Besides installing energy-saving LED lightings to replace traditional fluorescents lightings, property asset management companies are always on the look out for other efficient methods to control the lightings for their commercial and residential estates

Hemera team has successfully customised and integrated light sensor & digital timer box sets with some of the buildings to better manage the estates' lightings at the common areas (i.e. lobby, passageway, carpark etc.) on 24/7 basis   .