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Personalizing Your Space


One of the important features of our living and working environment is lighting; the lights of our surroundings not just enable us to see and discern things clearly, but also able to influence our mood, behavior, as well as emotional well-being through its variety of color display and tone settings.

With the rapid advancement of the solid-state technology, not only LED lights can now be made dimmable, their RGBW color channels can also be easily programmed through the microprocessor to achieve the desired lighting effects and configurations to suit the mood or theme of the occasion


Be it whether one wishes to have vibrant and dancing lightings to create a clubbing atmosphere; a lively and energetic work environment to raise productivity; a soft and soothing background at home after having a hard day at work; or a romantic backdrop to spend some magical moment with the loved ones, the LED lightings can be easily configured and adjusted to create the desired ambience anytime of the day.

Such flexibility to customize surrounding ambiences will, time and again, create a unique and personal experience for oneself and the guests as well.


On top of that, as LEDs don't generate RF wavelengths that cause radio interference, or emit ultraviolet (UV) light, they will not easily attract bugs and other insects. And that creates a more conducive environment for children as well as adults, who are allergic to insect bites, to live, work and play. 

To help personalizing clients' working and living spaces, Hemera Opto-Electronics has lined up a list of decorative LED lightings to enable interior designers and developers to choose the right mix of LEDs, including the microcontrollers, to create different lighting effects for their projects.