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The core business of Hemera Opto-electronics is to provide one-stop lighting services and products for its clients. 

Hemera Opto-electronics assists the facility management and clients to come out suitable lighting configurations for their projects so as to meet their illumination needs while conforming to the EN12464 and SS531 lighting standards. Such services include on-site assessment of the premises to determine the required level of illumination. Following the sourcing of suitable luminaires, new lighting configurations are validated through lighting simulation before they are recommended to the clients.

  As for the lighting products, Hemera Opto-electronics carries a range of green-friendly and energy-saving LED luminaires. The luminaires are classified into indoor, outdoor and decorative categories in accordance to their functionality and operating conditions. Also, Hemera Opto-electronics works closely with key lighting distributors in Singapore to offer clients wider choices of lightings that are energy-saving and high in performance.