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Enhancing Visual Merchandising


Consumers' emotional responses to advertisements have received a great deal of attention in recent years.

In today’s fast-changing retail landscape, Visual Merchandising plays a crucial factor in enhancing shopping experience of the consumers, as well as influencing their responses to the products and services. As the name implies, Visual Merchandising refers to the technique and art of displaying the products and services to create lasting and positive impressions on the consumers, as well as to strike an emotional chord with them before generating the effect of impulse buying


Interesting and lively display of the products and services has now become an integral part of the Visual Merchandising, in which the merchandise goods and hospitality services can be brought to life within as well as outside the brick and mortar stores through the LED lightings and displays.

The color richness of the LED lights and sharp visual images emanating from the LED displays greatly enhance the appeal of the products and services, and in turn project a trendy and classy image of the brick and mortar stores.


Besides the lighting products, Hemera Opto-Electronics actively sources, evaluates and introduces the latest range of lights and displays to give the developers, mall operators and interior designers more options to help retailers create better shopping experience for their customers and to enhance the appeal of their merchandise products and services.