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Our Vision

A Leading and Forward-Looking Optoelectronics Enterprise that creates values by bringing modern concepts of lighting to life while keeping our global environment green and safe

Our Mission

To ensure the quality and durability of illumination, to help create personalized ambiences for the living and working spaces, and to enhance the appeal of the merchandize and services through innovative, energy-efficient and sustainable lighting that are green friendly to our environment


Hemera Logo

The green Yin and Yang symbol, which serves as the backdrop of the logo, epitomizes the state of harmony and balance the company desires to achieve in terms of business collaborations as well as global environmental protection. 

The eagle, which is perching on the stone ledge and scanning over the horizon, symbolizes the forward-looking approach the company has taken in charting its strategic business directions while firmly grounded on the company's core values of integrity, trust and service excellence. 

The banner, bearing the company’s name, represents the honor and pride it will always uphold as it reaches out to the clients and global business community